Want to instantly enliven any room? Add a plant!

When chosen thoughtfully, a plant can act as an:

  • intriguing accent piece
  • provide symmetry
  • deliver drama or mood
  • add warmth, texture, and detail

This matching set of flowering pots atop a window ledge contributes comfortable symmetry and a clean, cottage-y feel.

Window Flowering Pots

About choosing thoughtfully:

  • Consider the look you’re going for. Traditional? A trailing ivy or bountiful fern will work. Modern? Try a moss, cactus, or air plant. An orchid will deliver elegance, while a potted daisy will contribute whimsy and a towering cactus will wow every time.
  • Plants with oversized leaves offer instant drama.

Oversized Leaf Plant


  • Keep your style in mind when choosing pots, too. Geometric cement pots have a different vibe than aged terra cotta pots and Victorian terrariums.
  • For small-scale impact, fill a table, shelf, or cart with plants. Tie them together with similar pots (all the same color or material, for example).


Similar White Pots


Similar pots in bronze

  • Short on surface and floor space? Use plants as wall art. Or hang plants in macramé hangers (yes, they’re back!), metal architectural hangers, or glass globes strung from the ceiling. In this room, a large peace lily commands what might have been an otherwise hard-to-fill corner.


Wall Plants as Decor


hanging glass pot plants

It’s nicely balanced by the hanging pots on the other side of the room and the smattering of smaller plants elsewhere. This would be a much colder space without the greenery, don’t you think?


Sometimes all you need is one perfectly placed plant, or one mesmerizing solo planter. A plant-as-centerpiece brings warmth, texture, and interest to this simple room.

Plant accentuating a room


Just about any space sings with a bit of greenery. Think kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. In fact, many plants will luxuriate in the humidity of the bathroom. Here, a planter completes another space that might have otherwise been a head-scratcher. The hit of color is a nice add, too, right?

Bathroom accentuated with plant


Don’t forget your work space! Bringing plants to work can instantly soften the edges of hard desks and sometimes less-than-cozy environments.

Fish bowl plant on office desk


Potted plants inside office space


By the way, you don’t have to be a plant whisperer to bring greenery to your décor. Here are some of the easiest (and trendiest) plants to get along with, even if your thumb is dirt brown: air plant, cacti, eucalyptus, fiddle leaf fig, jade, palm leaf, rubber plant, snake plant, string of pearls, and ZZ plant.

Here, a bird’s nest fern provides the “Ta Da” for a simple gathering space.

bird's nest fern on white pot


As if beautifying your space wasn’t enough, plants help to purify the air, too. Some of the best workers for this job are: aloe, Boston fern, Chinese evergreen, dracaena, English ivy, eucalyptus, ficus, gerbera daisy, golden pothos, palm, peace Lily, peperomia, philodendron, rubber plant, snake plant, and spider plant.

This peperomia softens and beautifies a shelf while working hard to reduce air pollutants, such as formaldehyde.

peperonia hanging plant to reduce air pollutants


Even the easiest-going plants need tending, but hey, you fluff your pillows and dust your mantle, right? It’s just mean to place that sun-loving succulent in a dark corner, so give your plant the right amount of light and moisture (ask your source or do some online research). Remove leaves and flowers that are past their prime, keep your plant in the right size pot, and give it a loving pep talk now and then.

If you have zero interest in plant care (you’ll never remember to water, or you’ll resent the plant every time you do), you can still reap the décor rewards of greenery. Simply plop a large hosta leaf or flowering branch into a jar or vase. Or invest in faux plants/greenery. (Today’s options are a far cry from grandma’s plastic flowers.) They won’t clean the air, of course, but we won’t tell.

What are your favorite plants? What room in your home might be enlivened by adding a plant?