Using Art to Add Drama to a Space

Megan Pape, Designer, Lori Wiles Design

Some people are content to play it safe. They add pizzazz to a room with a brighter-than-usual (chartreuse?) accent pillow or an unexpected print (zebra stripes?) on an accent rug. And that’s a fine approach! In fact, this tactic has its advantages—these items are easily swapped with the seasons or your mood (no matter how fickle).

Others like to go big—think statement chandeliers or window treatments with swagger.

Then there are those who relish round-the-clock, major drama—like the clients who were up for the feature wall we suggested while designing their new office. The feature? A bold, bigger-than-life-size painting to sit front and center.

The clients chose talented aerosol artist Paco Rosic (yes, he wields spray paint). Paco started sketching, and we started reviewing.

And back and forth it went. We tweaked poses and chose colors to coordinate with the furnishings, walls, and atmosphere of the new the space. (Fiery reds light up the room, while golds and black mimic the furniture colors, and a trail of grey/blue reflects the wall color.) Eventually, everything about the painting was just right.

The custom work measures 8 feet 1.5 inches by 5 feet 9 inches and sits in front of a queen-size Murphy bed, which we flanked with steel shelving.

What do you think? What kind of art would you have featured?
How do you like to bring drama to a room?