Midwest Master Suite

The goal of this master suite remodel was to provide a beautiful, functional, thoroughly comfortable space. The clients expressed a desire for a luxurious yet simple environment—one that would not feel over-decorated. By using quality materials that speak for themselves, designer Lori Wiles was able to create a zen-like space that exceeded their expectations.

With a stone, fire, water, and wood theme, the materials used in this master suite relate strongly to nature. Water flows to the tub from the impactful stone wall in the bathroom, and an opposing stone wall in the bedroom creates a dramatic backdrop for a seating area. Both walls contain candle-filled niches. (Future plans include a fireplace installation on the bedroom wall.) Cherry wood is employed throughout, creating warmth and continuity.

This luxurious yet organic suite is also extremely functional. The large bathroom includes two separate vanities, abundant storage, and even a coffee station. It has a large, freestanding tub and a walk-in shower. Attached to the bathroom is a huge closet with convenient shelving solutions; a full-length mirror opens up into a jewelry storage niche, a charging station is nestles in with accessories, and a large ottoman provides ample room for packing suitcases.

This stellar transformation succeeds in large part because of its commitment to its natural theme, which drives the choice of materials as well as the marriage of beauty and function.