So you have a fresh, clean room that’s successfully furnished according to your needs. It might look and feel a bit stark and sterile—time for some hygge to soften its edges!

To create comfort and warmth in the room, very thoughtfully add life, color, and texture to the space. Don’t rush (rushing is definitely not hygge!). Consider a macramé hanging, a natural fiber rug, or capiz shell light fixture for texture, and a chunky throw or velvet pillow for warmth. Add a few mementos from your last vacation or a favorite painting by your grade schooler. Choose a candle or two in a natural fragrance, add warm lighting, or light a fire if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace. Be measured about your choices.

Greenery is always good for hygge. Just make sure you choose plants that will thrive in your environment (peace lily and philodendron are hardy choices), provide them with the right light and TLC, and place them on a surface that a little lingering moisture won’t damage. (Don’t place your plants on the floor; create a platform for them, if necessary.)

Just one well-chosen plant can completely transform a space.

Hygee interior design trend with plant add on

Here, a simple hanging on a doorknob delivers a pretty, hygge welcome to a room furnished with function and comfort.

Hygee interior design trend with door know hang-on accessory

Hygge isn’t only autumnal colors and chunky fabrics. These linen-covered pillows on a worn chair are fresh, inviting, and promise comfort.

Accessories and accent furniture are good ways to include color that makes your heart sing.

hygge accent furniture sample

Accessories and accent furniture are good ways to include color that makes your heart sing.

Know when to stop. A room overflowing with plants (especially untended plants) is not comforting; neither is a space filled with so much texture that you can’t possible keep it clean. Your hygge space should be peaceful, clean, welcoming, and cozy. A hygge home is a sanctuary, a place that you love to come home to and that you love to share with friends and family.

Which room in your home is the most hygge? Which could use a little more hygge?