A new season is always a great excuse for new decorations! For those of you still adding to your fall decor here are a few good tips:

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NATURAL ELEMENTS- To achieve a strong fall look use warm colors and interject natural elements. In the picture to the left a naturally shed antler is featured. Cornstalks are another easy and accessible natural element to use. To the right cornstalks from Bass Farms are used to make a large pumpkin display.

— USE VARIATION- Using contrasting materials such as the metal candelabra below with pumpkins and guards make for an attractive centerpiece. The height difference of the candelabra and the pumpkins and guards on the table adds more variation and interest.

GO BIG- To make a big impression go all out!  Don’t worry – large decorations made out of earthy materials and colors generally don’t look gaudy or overdone. Use cornstalks and other natural materials in bulk for impressive decor.