So, light switches and outlets might not sound like the most interesting topic, but inconveniently placed outlets can be a hassle and/or an eyesore. It’s always important to keep in mind the location and quantity of future outlets and switches when building or remodeling. And there are fun things to do to improve your current switches and outlets as well.
I was pretty excited when I first saw the switch plate covers that you can directly hook your USB cords into. The one pictured here is from Leviton. These types of covers are now available at most home improvement stores including Home Depot and Lowes. Depending on how much space you have behind your outlet you may be able to swap it out for your current one.


But older homes typically have shallower junction boxes (the space behind your outlet) and may not have room for the USB compatible outlets which are usually bigger. But not to worry! RCA solves that problem with a charger that will fit right over your old one (see picture to the right)

Not only do we worry about the functionality of the switch plate covers but also the aesthetics. Below are a few cool ideas from In the picture top left the cover was painted to look like the stone it is placed on. Top right, conveniently placed light switches are inconspicuous and out of the way.

a-look-at-outlets-traditional-staircase a-look-outlets-1751731

But not every outlet needs to be disguised! If you have cool outlets that you like the looks of then show ’em off! I love this simple stairway featuring a simple black and white picture framed in a rustic gold that purposely draws attention to the old push button switch plate.