Does the chrome pull-down faucet work well or would I prefer a separate sprayer?

This faucet with a single lever handle and pull out sprayer is so easy to use. It’s intuitive to use and easy to clean. It looks like a strong sculpture in front of the watery tile backsplash.**

How do these cabinets stack up in this climate? I love the finish and profile. The very large door panels on cabinets that are typical in the Midwest have some issues in this climate. They tend to warp slightly, making any door pairs a little off kilter looking. I’ll consider either limiting the door size or arrangement next time. Or, I’ll change to a composite door material.**

Do the glass and quartz counters do all that I wanted? They are really perfect here! The color and pattern is a little playful and funky. The color is just enough; a subtle addition to the open kitchen but not overpowering to the whole living space. And, it feels good to use reclaimed material when possible.

Is it worth the extra money to get an exposed valve shower/tub combo with a rain head?

I loved using this set up. I could easily use the hand-held sprayer for a quick shower after the beach. The rain head felt luxurious and relaxing. And the strong sculptural look of it was great against the tiled walls.

Do the new and improved grab bars look like they belong in a commercial building or are they a bonus for any residence? The new version of grab bars is a bonus in any bathroom. They come in lots of different finishes and shapes, blending in with the other fixtures in the room. This safety feature will be proposed for all shower and tub areas in the future.

After many years of designing it is still a thrill to me to have a first-hand opportunity to learn more about the elements that come together to make a design all of the things that I aim for: that the space be functional, balanced, pleasing in appearance and most of all, emotionally satisfying.