If you are thinking of a quick sale of your house, you must have considered home staging. But, the thought of staging a home can be overwhelming. You may be confused about where to start, the current home trends that buyers would love, how much time and money you would have to spend. It all depends on your home’s condition, market value, age, and price. Staging can happen in a day, a week, a month or a year. But, if you concentrate on the simple tips below, your home will look inviting and appeal without having to spend a fortune.

How to design your home for sale


When you put up your home for sale, most potential buyers do a quick drive by to examine its outer state and the neighborhood. So, start by making your landscape luring. A fresh smelling and colorful yard is not only welcoming but also leaves onlookers wanting more. Then they will have to come inside and see what you have to offer.


If you want to sell your house fast, get rid of clutter. Sort your stuff and dispose or give away all things you have not used for more than six months. Clutter includes having more furniture than you require, clothes that you no longer wear, books that nobody reads anymore or toys that your kids have outgrown. You can give out books, toys, and clothes but it would be wise to sell your furniture. De-cluttering also creates space for modern interior décor.


Most homes stay on the market for long because of improper lighting. Great lighting makes a home look bigger, welcoming and warm. Ensure that your house has enough natural light during the day. If your windows are smaller, invest in larger ones. Consider roof windows and skylights since they are trending and are part of modern house designs. Also, make sure you have at least three types of lighting; general, accent and ambient. They all serve different lighting needs and make a house captivating.

Make rooms seem bigger

Everyone appreciates more space. So, create a bigger room illusion by painting a room same color shade as the adjacent room. The two rooms feel like one big seamless space. You could also paint walls the same color as the drapery. They will create a sophisticated and smooth look.

Hire a professional interior designer

When renovating your home to attract buyers, you must hit the jackpot regarding décor. Your décor sells your house. The customer will be looking for a home too, so your home’s interior décor should make them feel at home. If you do not have time to handle all the interior design changes, hire a professional designer. A professional will also advise you on what’s trending and what homeowners are looking for.

People list their homes due to different reasons. But, they all hope to sell within the shortest time possible which does not always happen. So, do not be afraid of making a few changes to your home. You will include the renovation cost in your selling price and sell your home faster than most.