Time after time, you get the urge to renovate your living space to include modern interior design styles, appliances or simply incorporate your changed personality, taste or preference. You make a list of the things you want and dream of having that perfect and appealing living space that would be the talk of your neighbors. But, reality strikes hard when budgeting for the renovations. In most cases, your budget and dream renovation ideas will not rhyme. Most homeowners get discouraged to carry on with the renovation plans once they get to this stage. You may feel the need to hold the renovation exercise until you have saved enough. But, there are a few things you can do to refine your vision and work within your budget.

How to refine your home renovation dream

Create your dream plan

The first step towards making your home renovation is choosing a custom interior designer to work with. Engage in a deep conversation about your renovation dream. Make a list of the things and parts you want to change as well as the parts of the house that drive you crazy about your home. Have images of interior design styles that inspire you or that are close to the look you wish to achieve. Your designer will ask a few questions about how you use different spaces in your home and any expected changes in future. The answers you give will allow them to understand your needs in detail, changes to suggest and materials to use.

Budget check

After understanding what you need, the interior designer will make an initial budget estimate that includes price comparisons from different suppliers. This is the point where you decide what to use, change or do away with. If the budget is way beyond your expected range, go through it with your designer and agree on what to change or eliminate. A professional designer should know how to make a few interior design aspects cheaper. So, at this point, their knowledge and industry experience will be your greatest asset.

Refine your renovation vision

This step begins after you receive the budget estimates from your design professional. Even the wealthiest people work on budgets and choose renovation features that are worth the price. Stick with features that will make significant changes in your living space. Prioritize the things and features you cannot do without and work on implementing them only. After time has passed, you will have an urge to renovate you home again and spend more. So, work within your budget and fulfill your current need without affecting your future financial status. Remember that you must also compensate your contractor and interior designer for due diligence.


The idea is to work with a professional custom interior designer who understands your renovation needs, sharpen your vision and offer cheaper ideas that will fit your budget as well as satisfy you renovation dream. Explain the look you want to achieve in detail and be willing to make a few changes.